Computer Laboratories

The College has five well-established Computer Laboratories for Computer Science, Commerce and English. These provide training in Computer classes at the Undergraduate, Postgraduate levels. Internet facility is also available.

The Institution established a Computer Centre and is extending computer facility to all faculty and students. Computer training is also offered to the Non-teaching staff for their professional development and to have the administrative work fully computerized. Full time technical assistants maintain the computers and their accessories. The faculty members are provided with essential hardware and software facilities in the computer centre to prepare computer aided teaching / learning materials and packages. The time schedule for working of computer centre is flexible for all the staff members so that they can utilize their leisure time in preparing computer aided teaching material of their choice.

Research Activities

Many of the teachers pursued their research under the Faculty Improvement Programme offered by the UGC and obtained Ph.D. and M.Phil. degrees. Two Major Research Projects in Political Science and one in Public Administration Departments have been completed and two research fellows worked under these projects. Four Minor Research Projects in the Department of Chemistry and one each in Botany, Commerce and Telugu are successfully completed and results of which were published in various scientific Journals. All these projects are funded by the University Grants Commission. A Major Research Project in Chemistry awarded to Dr. T. Veeraiah, Principal with a grant of Rs. 7.21 lakh funded by the UGC is in progress. A research lab is established in the college for undertaking this project and two scholars are working for their Ph.D..

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