NCC is a youth organization which aims at the development of character, discipline and leadership qualities in youth and inculcate in them secular outlook, spirit of adventure and ideals of selfless service. It also motivates the youth to take up a career in the armed forces and always be available for the service of the nation.

The college has two senior division NCC units under the jurisdiction of 5 Andhra Battalion NCC Secunderabad. The College also has one senior wing NCC unit under the jurisdiction of 1 Andhra Girls Battalion NCC Secunderabad. The present total strength of senior division is 400 cadets and senior wing is 100 cadets. We had the unique distinction of sending our cadets to Republic Day parade, New Delhi and other national camps like National Integration camps, Rock climbing & Mountaineering camps, Trekking camps at various places in India.


Represented Republic Day Camps at New Delhi

1977 - Under Officer B. Gopal Reddy
1978 - Senior Under Officer M. Bal Reddy
1989 - Cdt. Durgaiah, Cdt. Narsimulu and Cdt. Md. Kalimuddinn
1992 - Junior Under Officer K. Panduranga Reddy and Cdt. Mahender Reddy
1998 - Junior Under Officer Balraj
2002 - Senior Under Officer K. K. Ramakrishna Reddy and Cdt. Mahender
2008 - Senior Under Officer Devender Mohan
2010 - Cadets, E. Janardhan, G. Raghavender and M. Rajender Reddy Jr.Under Officers.
2011 - Cadet R. Usha Rani received Silver Medal for the Culturals.

National Integration Camps

2001 - Six cadets of Senior Division participated in NIC at Kolhapur, Maharashtra.
2003 - Three cadets of Senior Division participated in NIC at Tirupathi
2004 - Cdt. K. Rajender Reddy and Cdt. J. Rajamallaiah represented NIC at Phillaur, Punjab.
2004 - Senior Under Officer C. Dinesh Kumar and Senior Under Officer Syed Samiuddin participated NIC at Srinagar, J & K.
2004 - Cdt. P. Madhuri represented NIC at Jammu, J & K.
2006 - Four cadets attended National Integration Camp at Chennai and one at Tirupathi.
2006 - Four girl cadets have attended National Integration Camp held at Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh and achieved 2nd position for Andhra Pradesh Directorate in National Integration Awareness Presentation.
2008 - Two girl cadets have attended the National Integration Camp held at Meerut, Uttar Pradesh.
2009 - Six cadets from our college attended National Integration Camp at Arunachal Pradesh. Two Girl Cadets have attended the National Integration Camp held at Kakinada.
2010 - Two girl cadets attended the National Integration Camp held at Rothak, Haryana. Two Girl Cadets attended National Integration Camp at Kerala during Dec 2010. Two Girl Cadets attended NIC camp at Kurnool, during Dec 2010.
2011 - Five cadets attended National Integration Camp at Nangal, Punjab from 25th December, 2010 to 5th January, 2011.

Adventure Activity Camps

1997 - Under Officer Anwar Khan participated in Parachute training held at Agra and won the para wing medal.
2003 - Cdt. C. Aruna of Senior Wing has represented Rock Climbing camp held at Neyyar Dam, Kerala.
2004 - Junior Under Officer N. Mogulaiah and Cdt. K. Srisailam attended Rock climbing camp at Kerala. For Senior wing cadets represented All India Trekking Camp, Nilgiri, Tamilnadu.
2005 - Junior Under Officers Chandrakanth Swamy and Praveen Kumar, Cdt. S. Raju participated in All India Trekking Expedition at Sasangir, Gujarath. •2006- S.G.T. Ramakrishna attended All India Mountaineering Camp held at Manaali (Darjeeling).
2007 - SUO Ramakrishna, attended Advance Mountaineering Camp held at Uttaranchal.
2007 - K. Srisailam Jr. Under Officer attended Independence Day Camp held at New Delhi on 15.08.2009.
2009 - Two girl Cadets attended the All India Mountaineering Camp held at Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. 8 Cadets attended All India Trekking Expedition Camp at Kerala from 19.12.2009 to 01.01.2010.
2010 - Two cadets attended All India Trekking Expedition at Gujarath from 3rd to 16th December 2010. Four Girl Cadets attended Special Leadership training camp at Barouni, Bihar during Nov 2010.

Social Service

Our NCC cadets have done worth remembering social service like laying of the roads, erecting the huts in the cyclone affected area at Machilipatnam from 05.01.1978 to 16.01.1978. Several of our NCC cadets actively participated in Blood donation, Adults Education, Literacy programmes, Anti-dowry campaign, AIDS awareness programmes, Janmabhoomi programme, Clean & Green and Tree plantation programmes.

NCC Cadets of our college have observed the Communal Harmony Campaign and the Fund Raising Week from 19th to 25th November, 2010 and the Flag Day on the last working day of the week. The Cadets collected a sum of Rs. 26,120/- and our College Management has contributed Rs. 3000/- and the Staff contributed Rs. 13,500/-. The total amount Rs. 42,620/- is remitted to the Secretary, National Foundation for Communal Harmony, New Delhi.

Participation of NCC Officers

Lt. K. Narsing Rao represented Republic Day camp at New Delhi in the year 1996. He attended the National Integration Camps held at Shillong (Assam) in the year 2002, at Vijayawada (AP) in the year 1994 and at Agra Centt., Agra (UP) in the year 1996. Capt. Dr.K.Narsing Rao along with six cadets attended NIC Meerut from 16-11-2008 to 29-11-2008.
Lt. Dr. S. Manohar Rao participated in National Integration Camp held at Kohlapur, Maharashtra in 2001 and was awarded Best ANO of the camp. He also participated in National Integration Camp at Warangal in 2005.
Lr. Dr. J. Mandarika participated NIC at Jammu, J & K in 2004 and All India Trekking expedition in 2004.


  1. NCC unit of our college was adjudged as the Best NCC unit in 5 A Bn. NCC, Hyderabad during 1984-1985.
  2. Our college NCC unit won the Best Institution Award for 1987-1988 instituted by the A.P. NCC Directorate.
  3. Our college unit was awarded first place in all round performance in ATC conducted by 1(A) EME unit in 199715.08.2009.
  4. Our college unit was awarded Best in Guard of Honor in ATC 2000.
  5. Our college unit was awarded 2nd place in Drill Competition in ATC 5(A) Bn. during June, 2001.
  6. Our college unit was awarded the Best in inter company competitions in CATC VI & Dekitting camp during Feb. 2001.
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